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  • Course Introduction + Attached Resume & LinkedIn Success Journal + 1st Exercise
    Thank You Message from Chris
    Introduction+Your Resume/LinkedIn Success Journal We Will Use for All Exercises
    Introduction to the Harvard Business School Resume Format7:45
    What is Wrong With This Resume?0:42
    A Discussion of the Answers to the Resume Success Journal Exercise #245:57
  • Impactful Words & Job Titles to Include on Your Resume
    Introduction to Impactful Words and Job titles1:16
    Impactful Resume Words to Use8:27
    What Tense to Use (Present or Past)?1:11
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #26: Using Impactful Words & in the Right Tense0:30
    Discussion of the Answers to Exercise #262:50
    Position titles to use on your resume2:30
  • Your Biggest Accomplishments in Your Life (So Far) & How to List On Your Resume
    What Have You Done that's Impressive Interesting Unique to Impresses Interviewer8:53
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #27: List Impressive or Interesting & Uniques on Resume1:07
  • Creating the 1st of 3 Sections of Your Resume (The Work Experience Section)
    Introduction & An Example of a Completed Resume1:06
    Resume Journal Exercise #28: Creating the Work Experience Section of Your Resume4:26
  • Creating the 2nd of 3 Sections of Your Resume (The Education Section)
    Creating the 2nd of 3 Sections of Your Resume (The Education Section)3:21
    Resume Journal Exercise #29: Creating the Education Section of Your Resume2:23
  • Creating the 3rd of 3 Sections of Your Resume (The Personal/Other Section)
    How to Create a Superb Personal OR Other Section of the Resume8:11
    Resume Journal Exercise #30: Creating the Personal or Other Section of Your Resume2:01
  • Formatting and Putting the Resume Content Together
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #31: Creating the Final Resume Product7:42
  • Applying for Jobs with a Cover Letter Strategy
    The Only Thing That Matters When Writing A Cover Letter is...12:38
    Cover Letter Overview2:13
    The Changing Career Cover Letter (and Email Script if Applicable)6:48
    The I am a Student Cover Letter (and Email Script if Applicable)7:02
    The I'm Not a Student & I'm Not Changing Careers Cover Letter (& Email Script)6:25
  • Optimizing or Creating Your LinkedIn Profile to Improve Your Career Prospects
    Optimizing or Creating Your LinkedIn Profile to Improve Your Career Prospects2:24
    Creating or Improving Your LinkedIn Profile Using Your Resume4:58
    Resume Journal Exercise #33: Copying Your Resume to Your Linkedin Profile0:37
  • Creating or Optimizing the Summary Section of Your LinkedIn Profile
    Checklist of What to Write On the Summary Part of your LinkedIn Profile3:44
    Resume Exercise #34.1: Checklist+Questions to Answer to Help Write Summary0:24
    Putting it All Together and Writing Your Profile3:20
    Resume Exercise #34.2: Finishing Your LinkedIn Summary & Adding it to LinkedIn1:01
  • Adding More Depth to Your LinkedIn Profile
    Adding More Work, Education, Personal Items & Bullet Points to Your Profile1:59
    Adding a Professional Photo Head Shot1:36
  • Adding Recommendations to Your LinkedIn Profile
    Adding Recommendations to Your LinkedIn Profile4:24
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #36: Adding Recommendations to Your Profile1:16
  • Endorsing People on LinkedIn and Why You Should Do This
    Why You Should 'Endorse' People on LinkedIn2:20
    Resume Journal Exercise #37.1: Adding 50 Endorsement Words to Your Profile0:40
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #37.2: Endorsing Your Contacts0:52
  • Why We All Must Become Journalists in Order to Network: I Will Teach You How
    Introduction to YOU as a Journalist (Networking Goldmine)5:38
    Start Participating on LinkedIn Via Simple Updates0:54
    What I Have Learned from Writing for Inc Magazine, Wired and Other Publications9:18
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #38: Create a LinkedIn Post on "Pulse"3:00
  • Following Successful People on LinkedIn
    Why Following Your Business Icons is Crucial on LinkedIn1:07
    Who Should You Follow, Why and Who Should You Never Follow?1:27
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #39: Following People on LinkedIn0:27
  • Secrets to Get Recruiters & People You Want to Work for Notice You Via "Groups"
    Why Joining Many Groups Helps You A Lot1:31
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #40.1: Joining Many LinkedIn Groups 10:33
    Get Recruiters to Find You Via Search Engine Optimization & Keywords in LinkedIn9:38
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #40.2: SEO and Keyword Hacking on Your LinkedIn0:53
    Resume Journal Exercise #40.3: Now Let's Add Many Contacts to Our Profile!1:05
  • Important Non-LinkedIn Tips to Ensure Recruiters Notice You (the Right Way Only)
    Why You Should Must Post Your Articles and Blogs to Google Plus1:41
    Recruiters are Watching Be Careful & Remove Certain Social Media Items About You4:53
  • Optional Goal Setting Workshop:What Your Perfect Resume Will Look Like in 10yrs
    Introduction & Why This Goal Setting Exercise Will Change Your Life.7:07
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.1: Part 1 of 4: Writing Down Your 10 Year Goals2:27
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.2: Part 2 OF 4: Categorizing Your Goals0:49
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.3: Part 3 OF 4: Filling the 'Gap’3:55
    Resume Success Journal Exercise #25.4: Part 4 OF 4: Finishing the Simple Resume1:02
    Congratulations & 5 Ways to EnsureTO Guarantee That You Achieve Your Goals.4:42
  • Conclusion, Next Steps and Thank you!
    Conclusion, Next Steps and Thank You!1:48

Get Your Dream Job by Knowing Exactly How to Format & Create the Perfect Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Chris Haroun


Chris Haroun is an award-winning business school professor, venture capitalist, MBA graduate from Columbia University and former Goldman Sachs employee. He has raised/managed over $1 billion in his career.


Take your career to the next level and get your dream job by creating an incredible resume and LinkedIn profile from scratch. This comprehensive resume and LinkedIn course contains many exercises, downloads, lectures, and a 67-page Resume and LinkedIn Success Journal for you to complete during the course to create an incredible resume and LinkedIn profile. This course also covers more advanced LinkedIn topics like SEO, publishing professional-quality articles on LinkedIn, and more. Learn tips, tricks, hacks, and secrets to how recruiters and human resources professionals search for you via LinkedIn.

  • Access 61 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Build your perfect resume & LinkedIn profile and get more recruiters and employers to find you
  • Know what accomplishments to put on your resume
  • Understand what impactful words you should include on your resume
  • Get an easy way on SEO & learn how to rank higher in Google search rankings


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  • Access options: web streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
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