Fundamentals of Physics

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70 Lessons (5.5h)

  • Motion
    Significant figures2:53
    Instantaneous Velocity3:18
    Particle under Constant Acceleration1:30
    Equations of motion for constant acceleration0:59
    Equations of Motion for Constant Acceleration (2)0:59
    Kinematic Equations Derived from Calculus5:35
    Projectile Motion7:18
    Projectile Motion- Additional Example15:44
    Uniform Circular Motion6:01
    Uniform Circular Motion Extended5:32
    Tension in Uniform Circular Motion- Additional Example5:48
    Non-Uniform Circular Motion2:33
  • Forces and Equilibrium
    The Concept of Force1:18
    The Dot Product4:22
    Newtons 1st Law1:11
    Newtons 2nd law1:12
    Newtons Second Law- Additional Example9:17
    Newtons 3rd Law1:08
    Particle in Equilibrium1:45
    Particle under Constant Acceleration Extended4:14
    Frictional Forces1:20
    Systems and Environments2:43
    System in Equilibrium- Additional Example7:03
  • Work and Energy
    Work done by a Spring2:29
    Kinetic Energy and the Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem5:19
    Potential Energy of a System1:09
    Conservative and non-Conservative Forces3:11
    Equilibrium of Hanging Objects5:11
    Non-Isolated Systems2:33
    Kinetic Friction and Power2:36
    Heat and Internal Energy2:54
    Latent Heat7:32
    Linear Thermal Expansion4:57
    Thermal Expansion of Solids and Liquids1:32
  • Center of Mass and Linear Momentum
    Centre of Mass5:28
    Linear Momentum5:11
    Linear Momentum- Additional Example12:30
    Collisions in 1-Dimension2:03
    Collisions in 2-Dimensions3:35
  • Calculus for Physics
    Absolute Values4:48
    Piecewise Functions4:15
    Radian Measure5:36
    Composite Functions5:24
    Intermediate Value Theorem4:06
    Horizontal Asymtotes2:49
    Derivatives and Rates of Change6:31
    Derivatives of a Function4:19
    Proof of Continuity for Differentiation5:14
    Proof of The Power Rule3:56
    Proof of the Product Rule8:11
    Proof of the Quotient Rule5:45
    Proof of the Derivative of sin(x)8:06
    Proof of the Derivative of cos(x)6:10
    Proof of the Derivative of tan(x)3:06
    Proof of Limit 16:04
    Proof of Limit 22:32
    Proof of Limit 34:06
    The Chain Rule3:23
    Derivative of arcsin(x)3:59
    Derivative of arccos(x)2:56
    Derivative of arctan(x)2:28
    Derivative of ln(x)1:47
    Max and Min Values6:46

70 Lectures Covering Everything You Need to Know About Physics (Beginners to Advanced Level)

Physics Academy

Leon Petrou graduated with a Bachelor's of Engineering degree with distinction from the University of Pretoria (UP). He specialized in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Leon has a passion for problem solving and education. He loves teaching others and simplifying the learning curve for engineering students around the world.

UP Engineering is an esteemed group of engineers who tutor the engineering courses that they themselves completed at university. Due to their experience in the course, they know how students think and understand where and why students struggle. Therefore, the tutors are able to explain thoroughly via easy-to-understand, step by step explanations to help students better understand the key concepts of the course.


In this calculus-based physics course, you'll start by looking at motion itself. Then, you'll cover forces, momentum, energy, and other concepts in a variety of physical situations. Albert Einstein once said, "the importance of words in a language is the same as the importance of calculus in physics." This course attempts to combine calculus and physics in a manner that students of all levels can understand.

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  • Think w/ an analytic mind to solve complicated physics problems


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